Making Community markets more biker friendly

Like the hero in Children of the Corn, I was walking amongst the rows, a little bit lost and worried about ever getting out. Suddenly, a beacon of light appeared in the image of a Vincent Black Shadow t shirt, a stall I could relate to and I made the owners acquaintance.

Mark from Revs and Threads is one of the most laid back and friendly fellas I have met, with an artistic flair for the automotive. The proud owner of a Kwaka Z900, and with access to some of the sweetest rides as subject matter, Mark knows bikes, and knows how to create art.


Shirts, mugs, and all manner of cool Xmas gift ideas, check out their site to pick up something today, you will find them at

Riding for life – Book review


imagine you are sitting in a bar/pub next to a motorcycle shop. You are considering the possibility of buying a bike, of getting your licence, of becoming one of the bohemians roaming the roads on two wheels. A grizzled old biker sits next to you, and talks you through the whole experience, enlivening the talk with tales from his own experience. This is the premise behind Sonny Barger’s book, ‘Let’s ride’.

A rambling guide to everything motorcycle related, although it’s more aimed at American riders, it’s got some good solid points relating to the world of motorcycles. It’s also got some damn good quotes, like Sonny relating the history of Japanese bikes in America, citing the entry of the CB750 onto the American market as ‘the Honda beat down on Harley Davidson like the Harley owed it money’.

Peppered with bits and pieces from Sonny’s own past, from his start watching patrol bikes take off after speedsters when he was a kid, right up to his latest rides. And surprisingly, a lot of Harley Davidson bashing, for someone who has spent so much time in the saddle of the most well known American bike out there.

Do yourself a favour, find this book. I’m still only relatively new to the world of riding, but this book is a good informative read that covers a lot of ground.

Ps. Do yourself a favour, watch a recent clip of Sonny Barger, and you will read the whole book hearing his voice.  Trust me.

A grand day out

I did have a plan, to head down to Gasoline in the middle of Sydney, to act professionally, to ask relevant people relevant questions, and to take pics and have a caption for each. Then I walked in the front gate and got lost in the whole experience. A whole bunch of people, working for a common good, that of the empowerment of all those on two wheels. A community of bikers, looking to build the technical skills of anyone who wants to ride a bike that doesn’t look like it just rolled off the factory floor. Vaughan from MotorRetro working the English Wheel, professional photography for anyone who wanted their bike shot, and so much more.

I’ll be damned if I didn’t walk around the whole time with a big goofy grin on my face at this whole concept, how cool it is, and why ideas like this need to be promoted. However, I did get a whole heap of pics, please enjoy.

It’s the little things that matter


It’s the sorta thing you like to know, by some old hand informing you of it. The spring loaded cover for the oil filter at the front of the block,  which if not held back will shoot oil and a spring and a cover right at your front tyre. Maybe I’m over exaggerating a little, but one does when oil is flung unexpectedly.

And yes that is a cut down milk bottle masquerading as an oil drain tin.

Dumb luck

Anyone who tells you that removing the rocker cover from an early 80s GSX250 engine, is a damn liar. After an hour of ‘valve cover jujitsu’, as it has has been put before, I removed the valve cover and found the hole in behind the spark plug goes to nowhere. Nowhere! Like Suzuki knew some goober, at some point, would poke a hole in his cylinder head and it looks like I have been lucky in this.


So we are good now. After working some metal putty into the hole, following s good clean of the area, the best I could carry out with the access to such a tight area. The main problem with cleaning such an area was that the spark plug was in the way, and if I pulled it out, run the risk of pushing detritus into the cylinder itself.

We are good now though, utilising my Father’s Day putting the fuel tank back on with my little helpers, I have drained the fuel bowls after I have left the bike sitting for so long, and I am ready to fire up this machine that I love and hate in equal amounts.

Stay tuned, video soon to feature me starting the bike.

Or beating it with a big stick.

One of those days…

So I have finally braved the cold evenings to change the plugs on my bike, in the feeble hope that I might be able to get it running again. 19mm deep socket, correct length extension, decent size ratchet. Draining the tank, I think about what a pleasure and a pain this bike has been. It has cost me so many hours, but it helps me de stress, and it’s a much better option to blow off some steam than to drink my stresses away I guess.


I start the socket on the right hand plug, I hear this clicking noise and pull the socket out to see this…


I’m trying to work out where the thread part is, and realise the bloody thing is still in the head. Luckily, I have access to a decent screw extractor set, five minutes later I’m holding this:


Wind in the new plug, go to take the left hand plug out and I work out where the oil leak is coming from the head.


The question is now for you my readers, will metal putty be adequate for this?

And ending on a lighter note, while trawling eBay, I now know that the front profile of a Suzuki GS500 engine looks like an owl.


Just A Saturday…

The image of the mid sized airhead Beemer, sitting on a side road, pointing towards oblivion is everything motorcycling is about. A well prepared bike and no idea of where you will end up…

Backstreet Thunder

So it was just another Saturday, too short as usual, and too much to fit in, but it was sunny, and things needed to be done, starting with a little ride to a lane I have passed many times, but never been up, so out with R60, and a ride into Hampshire…

Norton-Eldo_008 copy The road to Ibston

Norton-Eldo_009 copy I wonder where it goes?

Next I had to go and see how my Norton Clubman was coming along, very well as it happens, and I even ran today, just a few more parts to finish, and it will be time for the road…

Norton-Eldo_014 copy Brooklands Can and bum pad

Norton-Eldo_012 copy Will it start

Finally what do you do if you want a blower Bentley, but don’t have the odd million to buy one? Well easy just buy an old Rolls Royce and build your own version from scratch.

Norton-Eldo_021 copy Bentley Special, Hand Made.

Norton-Eldo_023 copy Supercharged Special

Norton-Eldo_022 copy Do…

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