Riding for life – Book review


imagine you are sitting in a bar/pub next to a motorcycle shop. You are considering the possibility of buying a bike, of getting your licence, of becoming one of the bohemians roaming the roads on two wheels. A grizzled old biker sits next to you, and talks you through the whole experience, enlivening the talk with tales from his own experience. This is the premise behind Sonny Barger’s book, ‘Let’s ride’.

A rambling guide to everything motorcycle related, although it’s more aimed at American riders, it’s got some good solid points relating to the world of motorcycles. It’s also got some damn good quotes, like Sonny relating the history of Japanese bikes in America, citing the entry of the CB750 onto the American market as ‘the Honda beat down on Harley Davidson like the Harley owed it money’.

Peppered with bits and pieces from Sonny’s own past, from his start watching patrol bikes take off after speedsters when he was a kid, right up to his latest rides. And surprisingly, a lot of Harley Davidson bashing, for someone who has spent so much time in the saddle of the most well known American bike out there.

Do yourself a favour, find this book. I’m still only relatively new to the world of riding, but this book is a good informative read that covers a lot of ground.

Ps. Do yourself a favour, watch a recent clip of Sonny Barger, and you will read the whole book hearing his voice.  Trust me.

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