One of those days…

So I have finally braved the cold evenings to change the plugs on my bike, in the feeble hope that I might be able to get it running again. 19mm deep socket, correct length extension, decent size ratchet. Draining the tank, I think about what a pleasure and a pain this bike has been. It has cost me so many hours, but it helps me de stress, and it’s a much better option to blow off some steam than to drink my stresses away I guess.


I start the socket on the right hand plug, I hear this clicking noise and pull the socket out to see this…


I’m trying to work out where the thread part is, and realise the bloody thing is still in the head. Luckily, I have access to a decent screw extractor set, five minutes later I’m holding this:


Wind in the new plug, go to take the left hand plug out and I work out where the oil leak is coming from the head.


The question is now for you my readers, will metal putty be adequate for this?

And ending on a lighter note, while trawling eBay, I now know that the front profile of a Suzuki GS500 engine looks like an owl.


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