A Wolf in wolf’s clothing


Although a Sportster by name, today’s feature bike is very much a sporting machine far from the chrome laden highway cruiser guise it left the factory in. Built by Jeremy Hudson utilising a 2006 model Harley, the bulk has been stripped back, and a cafe racer aesthetique built around the big American V twin.


Taking the Sportster back to bare bones, a raw aluminium fuel tank and rear guard were fashioned up. To keep the ride looking lightweight and ready to take on the track, it only features a solo seat. Following the concept of raw aluminium features, the front guard is also fashioned up in the same material.


To offset all that shiny aluminium, the factory paint job has been retained on the engine, with the polished fins breaking up the bulk of the black power plant. Featuring moon disc wheels, the whole bike has a futuristic look to it, while still paying homage to the cafe racers of old.


From chrome laden highway hauler, this Sportster has had a full overhaul, and come out the other side as a bike with touches of Kimura styling, without the price tag to suit. Currently on the floor for sale at Gasoline Motor Co at Alexandria in Sydney, this amazing one off build could be yours, and there is no chance you will pull up next to another one like it on your next ride. Check out the listing here:



With many thanks to Jason from Gasoline Motor Co, who have the coolest range of big toys for big kids.

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