Ode to a small displacement


Short of having an autobahn to ride on, it seems beyond me that people need big displacement bikes to enjoy the world of the motorcycle. I admit, the Yamaha R1 is a cool bike, as is the BMW S1000RR, however where is the place for such machines in any environment where you can really just get around in first gear.

Personally, and this is just my belief, but surely it would be more fun to aim for a smaller bike, or an older bike, to enable one to be able to push a machine to its limits in a corner? Less horsepower requires more thought before taking a turn at a cracking pace, and these new breed of super bikes make it too easy to for one to be able to ride like an entrant in the Isle of Man. It also allows people to over estimate their ability to ride. Traction control, ABS braking, stability control, all these add to the confidence one may have while riding.

Of course they can be helpful in a dangerous situation, but they should be fall back positions, not badges of honour for one to be able to push their super bikes to the limit.

Take your time, don’t take the easy route into motorcycling and go for the biggest capacity bike you can get. Get a bike you can push to its limits safely, something that isn’t going to get you featured in the newspaper for having an accident, don’t get the style of bike that Hunter S Thomson once described as a ‘sausage machine’.

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