Strip down rebuild of C10 distributor


1. Consult numerous sites and books as you feel lost when it comes to anything in the realm of the auto electrical.

2. Print out comprehensive guide from

3. Curse the printer for making the pics so dark.

4. Pull distributor from shipping package. Marvel at how well the seller packed it, and how far it has travelled yet is still in one piece. Clean up polystyrene that has gone everywhere.

5. Clean distributor of all polystyrene in all nooks and crannies. Look at guide from BSA forum. Wonder if your distributor is the same because it doesn’t have everything in the pics.

6. Remove the screws that hold the thing to the base plate. Refer to Draganfly website for exploded view of distributor. Pick polystyrene out of nose. Find out the thing is called the contact set. Still no idea how this thing works.

7. Coffee break. Study C10 distributor breakdown and realise you need more parts to rebuild this thing properly. Which is isn’t easy at 9pm on a Friday night.

8. Assemble distributor and put away. Start scouring Draganfly’s site for parts. Pick polystyrene out of hair.

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