Braaaaaap by name, Braaaaap by nature


Congratulations, you now have your motorcycle licence. It’s time to get a bike, and you want to stand out from the CBR/Ninja learner’s brigade. Luckily, two Australian motorcycle firms have come together to give you just that. Today’s review bike is the Braaaap Mercury, born of a collaboration between the Braaaap bike firm and motorcycle custom workshop Sol Invictus. Lightweight and learner legal, this modern days café racer draws on classic styling cues, while achieving the reliability that rarely comes from refreshing an older machine. And I doubt your old school Honda or Suzuki will come with a lifetime warranty.


Comfortable yet not bulky, the Mercury has been built for zipping around town and short blats further afield. Running at 18hp, and matched with a five speed transmission, the little thumper is the best way to start out in the motorcycle world for those looking for something basic and fun. Whether it’s ducking down to the local café on Sunday morning, or a more spirited run through the twisties, the Braaaap Mercury covers a lot of bases for those just starting out.


Built for reliability and comfort, the Mercury features quite a few options that that make it stand out from a lot of other LAMS specific/rated bikes on the market today. The bike offers kick as well as electric start, to cover for those times you want to look cool. The front shocks are upside down units, a la sports bike, but look awesome in powder coated black. The modern day café racer rolls on 17 inch rims, wrapped in fat balloon rubber to allow you to really roll into corners.


Jumping onto the bike for the first time, you’ll notice a couple of things. Firstly is the side covers may sit out a little further than what you are used to. Never mind that, once you assume the riding position you will not even notice they are there. A handy addition for learner riders is that of the spring loaded kickstand, which flicks up as soon as you take the weight of the bike off it. Once moving, you’ll notice how simple this bike is. One speedo gauge, no bulky cluster and simple switch setup means a learner rider can spend more time focused on the road.


Probably the biggest aspect, the biggest reason to purchase the Braaaap Mercury is the lifetime warranty. That is correct, lifetime warranty. All the hard parts, the moving parts, the engine parts, all covered by Braaap on the proviso you take it back to one of their dealers for maintenance. These guys at Braaap are the only bike manufacturer in the world to offer that sort of warranty. If that isn’t a reason to purchase this bike, then surely the $3999 (plus on roads) will be. Now it’s time to hit the road, and do it in style.


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