The Beemer that broke the mold

Hans Muth is one hell of a designer. One of the driving forces behind the legendary Suzuki Katana, it is a lesser known fact that Herr Muth is also the designer behind the BMW R90S of the mid 70s. Built to throw off the idea that BMW built only plaid boring motorcycles, the sporting German machine was given both mechanical and aesthetic upgrades to make it stand out from the vanilla BMW bikes of the period. Packing 67hp, and the ability to reach 200kmh, this is definitely one motorcycle that had BMW thinking outside the box.


Today’s bike comes from Australia, an incredibly clean barn find 1976 model R90S. With only 861km showing on the speedo, you can see the lack of use it has had. The seat cushion looks fresh and untouched, all switchgear is still legible. Not bad for a 38 year old bike.


This Beemer comes in the popular silver over orange psychedelic paint job of the period, still looking as fresh on the outside as when it left the plant in Berlin. All the rubber and vinyl looks brand new, and the toolkit still has the original BMW towel in it from when it left the factory. Yeah we don’t know why it’s in there either.


With a starting bid of $29,950 AUD, you’d wanna get in quick to get a hold of this museum piece, yet easily registered piece of German motorcycle history. You can find the eBay listing here:

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