Much better than EBay


On a fresh sunny morning, on tarps and in stalls as far as the eye can see, the phenomenon that is the parts swap meet is underway. Buyers shuffle along, picking up pieces that most would consider fit for the scrap heap, ascertaining as to whether it might be worth purchasing. Bikes of all shapes and sizes, makes and vintage, litter the stalls and give punters a chance to pick up a possible bargain.


The entire grounds are filled with knowledge of a thousand years of experience in working on two wheeled machines. You can find out how to tune a GP Amal, rebuild a Villiers or how to replace the swingarm on a Triumph Tiger, and the only payment these elders of the motorcycle world is that you pass on any useful information that you may possess.


While wading through a crate of lightweight British motorcycle parts, an older gentleman wanders up to me and ask what I am looking for. I tell him about my BSA engine and he tells me has a complete rolling chassis, including a transmission, to suit my engine. We chat about it for a minute, I get his contact details and continue perusing the oily relics that you must have a keen eye to recognise what is worth something.


Yes this project bike may look terrible, or these inlet manifold gaskets are actually cut up cardboard, but think of the potential. Think of what is possible when I have access to so many parts, surely there are enough parts here to build numerous bikes.Or just one amazing one.


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