Project C10 – Inspiration

A trip to the Australian Transport Museum at Alice has given me some unexpected inspiration for the little C10 engine I am rebuilding. I think I would like to go for a full vintage look, using these bikes as the starting point for my ride.


The New Hudson is the look I want to aim for, with a few mods to make for ride ability. The New Hudson is a stressed engine bike with an under slung tank, and total oil loss system. The biggest problem is the lack of a transmission, meaning that the rider has to push the bike to start it, and the lack of a drive system means the engine is either running or stopped. Which may be a problem if riding through traffic.


The Indian is a good look as well, the larger guards making the bike look much bulkier. The suicide shift is a plus as well, something I would like to incorporate into my project, if it ends up going that way.


The final inspirational bike is the De-Luxe, a v twin that I haven’t heard of before. This bike has features I really like, long swept back handlebars, foot boards and acetylene headlamp. Not sure about the belt drive setup, going to try to find a way around it.

Sometimes you can find inspiration in the least expected place.

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