Substance over form


There it was, just sitting there just outside the roller door. A wedge of wood, created when a pallet was broken down, caught my eye. It had been passed over by many people who had thought nothing of it, but none of them had a vintage motorcycle they were having trouble disassembling. The problem i was facing was that the metal used in the manufacture of my engine is very low quality, making it apt to crack if forced. The wooden wedge looked soft enough to aid me. I took the piece home, and in less than 10 minutes I had removed the cover, then found the wedge handy in holding the crank from turning do I could remove a drive gear nut. And all from that discarded single chunk of wood.


It seems that in human nature we are naturally predisposed to have an attraction towards anything that makes our life easier, any advancement in technology that makes our lives easier. Tools are a physical manifestation of this liking of advancing technology, in that we are drawn towards them because of this innate desire to move ‘onwards and upwards’. The trick lies in seeing the underlying form of whatever item you are seeing and saying ‘you know what, that would be great to help me to….’

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