It begins

Many times I have traversed the internet and stumbled across niche automotive groups that honour vehicles which would have otherwise disappeared into the ether of history. Fanatics of the most passionate kind, worshipping machines which back in their day were known to have faults. Today I have become one of those fanatics. 


A sidevalve 250cc engine of around 1950 vintage, this beautiful piece of the puzzle is only the beginning of a long and frustrating time. And I have already started.


Armed with my handy 50s motorcycle guide, I have all the knowledge of the period to help me with getting started. On top of that, within the last week I have made two new contacts who can help with parts supply. Which is important when we are dealing with a sixty year old engine. 


Easy to lift, agricultural in design and a challenge to source parts for. It’s the perfect project for me. 

Stay tuned. 


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