7 questions for…you

7 questions for...you

It was the beginning of the mainstream motoring age. No longer would the ownership of automobiles be restricted to the upper classes. The future of cars was here, and the people needed to be informed. To do so, in 1911 a book was published to address this need. It was called ‘Questions & Answers for automobile students and mechanics’.

Here are 10 questions:
1) in relation to the engine, what is the ‘two to one’ shaft?

2) what practical use is a ‘hydrometer’ to a touring driver when it comes to the issue of fuel quality?

3) What are the principles of a dynamo?

4) Describe the system known as ‘hot tube’ ignition.

5) Describe the ‘Franklin’ air cooling system.

6) What is the better option; a live axle or fixed axle with two chain drive?

7) what is the difference between a ‘knock’ and a ‘pound’?

First person with all seven questions right scores a copy of ‘The Halcyon Days of Motoring’, all for a little google work.

Good luck.

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