Costello Fabrications Honda CL175

Potential. It’s the skill that separates the spanner twirlers from the true customisers, with some seeing bikes for what they are, and the lucky ones seeing bikes as what they could be. Bobby Costello of Costello Fabrications is one of the latter, with a keen eye for seeing what might be. His latest offering, a fully faired Honda CL175, shows what is possible when imagination is put into a build plan. 

When this rather original looking Japanese scrambler was rolled into Bobby’s workshop, it was decided that it looked a bit naked. A full front fairing was fabricated, and a ducktail made to match.  Bobby is no amateur in relation to their manufacture, as seen in his faired RD125 build. A cover was also made for the fuel tank, to give it a longer Honda ‘CR’ style tank profile. 
The scrambler exhaust was given the flick, having two pipes sitting high wouldn’t suit the build. A two into one system was built from scratch, showing the capabilities of the Costello Fabrications workshop. The outlet for the exhaust sits level with the rear hub, in full race style. 
True to their own form of styling, Costello have fitted up the machine with an offset headlight. This allows for spectators to truly enjoy the lines of the fairing without the headlight interrupting the view. The bike now sits on gold rims, the factory front drum setup giving something to the aesthetics of the bike. 
From a weary scrambler, to a shiny CR styled road racer, Costello Fabrications have created a beautiful thing here. Being able to see beyond the 70s bike which arrived in the shop, today a new bike roams the streets, and yes it is road registered, hence the headlight being present at all. I’m telling you, it’s all about the potential, of what might be. 
A million thanks to Bobby Costello for his pictures and approval to write this, be sure to check in on his website: 



One thought on “Costello Fabrications Honda CL175

  1. Hi! Thanks for the response!Working on my own Virago (GSXR front and the SSSA signle seater..:)) now and i was thinking of putting the same reverse levers on my build( already have them waiting). i was just wonderingh how to do it..I wouldnt mind if u could send me a pic of closer look how u figured out the line to the pump setup. If i am not asking too much .Thank you anyway.cheers!

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