Taking that step

Taking that step

I am beginning to wonder if some aspects of having a project bike/car/truck have some underlying psychological cause. My thoughts are based on my own feelings towards my little 250 twin, and it’s carburettor issues. Or to be more exact, my issue with carburettors.

I have never stripped down a set of carbs by myself before tonight. I had this thought for a while, using my fear of something going wrong due to my inexperience, as an excuse.

After much pondering, I am wondering if there might not be a deeper reason underlying my excuse. I have undertaken just as technical tasks, such as changing the rocker cover gasket, so why is this holding me up? I think it may be because the carbs are an easy fix (in theory) and I am happy with that mindset, that once my carbs are fixed my bike will run fine.

However, what if it isn’t the carbs? What if I go to the effort of removing them, stripping them, and finding nothing? Then I will have to admit I need to do more research to obtain a diagnosis, to try to work out what else it could be. Or that my project might be more than I can handle.

My advice is to just do it. What have you got to lose? There have probably been dozens, hundreds, thousands of people who have undertaken the same task you have been dodging. At the very worst you will have gained awhile lot experience relating to an area of your project, and if you see someone else who is stuck, you can help push them along too.

So next time you are considering that little task you keep managing to avoid, ask yourself: is it that the project has an issue, or do I have an issue?

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