Driving school of hard knocks

Driving school of hard knocks

I learnt to drive in one of these. No power steering, no aircon, no floormats, no radio. It’s the very essence of driving, with nothing to distract one from the experience.

There is no need for climate control, just need to open those little flaps under the windscreen. Never fitted with a radio, the dull roar of road noise cancels out any chance of hearing anything above it. And don’t worry about driver aids, or even comfort.

On the up side, one can learn to drive by hearing the engine noise, not by a tachometer. After driving a Landrover and going back to a modern day car, it allows one to appreciate modern perks, like power steering, which many of us take for granted. The experience is as close as one can get the motorcycle experience, just you and the road.

This Landrover is real. Comfort means nothing to it, but it will get there.

And if you can drive it, you can drive anything.

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