Back to the drawing board

Back to the drawing board

It’s very rare one sees a car in perfect side profile, you need the right angle. The right angle is not given by adult height, or by just looking. You need to crouch down, to see the car in it’s two dimensional glory.

When you do this, the vehicle will look good, no matter what the make or model. Why is this? Today I was looking at a Honda Odyssey, an older less attractive model than the type on sale today. I caught the right angle, and went through in my head how such an ugly vehicle could look good.

I had to think back, way back. Remember the first times you drew a car as a kid? All from the side profile. Big round wheels, wonky body lines and misshapen windows. Remember how good that used to feel, when you liked cars for cars’ sake? It wasn’t about V8 or turbo engines, Japanese or European styling, you saw a car and you liked it. It didn’t involve someone saying a different type of car handles or accelerates faster, you looked and you liked.

Looking at cars in side profile harks back to that feeling, that pure feeling of loving a car because you loved cars. Next time you are out & about crouch down, try it for yourself, and tell me if I’m wrong.

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