In the metal – Group B

As a car enthusiast, and many will agree with this, you spend years drooling over cars in magazines, imagining what it would be like to see a truely unique car, in the metal. For some it may be easier than others, for my own dream car is the Z32 300ZX (please, no laughing), but for some it can be a bit harder.


If by chance one does come across one of these vehicles, it can be hard for the brain to compute what you are looking at. You think to yourself: it’s a kit car, a well made replica, anything but the same car that you spent a good amount of time studying in a car magazine, yearbook or on the internet on a lazy friday afternoon when you should be working.


My advice is: enjoy it. It doesn’t matter how close you get, you can keep that in your mind. You know the car’s dimensions for real, you can say the tail lights don’t look as bad as people make out, or you can agree that ‘yes, the cockpit dimensions are not suitable for tall people’.


That experience is yours, for you to cherish and enjoy, never forget that.


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