Front yard caryard

Welcome to Front Yard Caryard, where the choice is yours. Our collection today has a 1960s flavour, our weapons of choice coming from a road on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia. Power is not going to sway you on these babies, the engine options never rising anything above 6 cylinders, but the drivelines are all original…in a way.


First up we have a 1971 HG Holden Premier. Under the hood lurks a factory 186 cubes, a mainstay of Holden of many years. A bench seat awaits your posterior, the interior looking complete. Lightness has been added by taking away the majority of the hubcaps, the aesthetics of the the car are simple. If you can put up with a whole lot of brown on the outside filled with a lot of brown on the inside, with the ability to pack in six friends to go cruising on a Saturday, then this is the car for you….


If you are not keen on the GM offering, then why not go with something from their primary rival in Oz. This 1961 Ford Falcon XL is in original condition, and it’s waiting for you. If under the bonnet is as factory as the rest of the car looks, then a 144ci engine is what powers this blue and rust coloured dinosaur. Also fitted with bench seats, you can take your girl to the drive-ins, if she is cool with shutting the door gently so the bottom of the door doesn’t collapse under it’s own weight due to the ravages of rust. With all it’s jewellery still there, you will just be able to spend more time with the filler, and less time frequenting swap meets to find missing chromework. So is this the project for you?


Our third offering today has travelled all the way to the colonies from Bonny Olde England. A 1957 Standard Vanguard, I would be willing to bet it would be the rarest among the cars on offer today. Is that enough to make you pick it, or is it’s a rarity a bit of a turnoff? With just 2088cc to propel you along, you will be looking at 21.7 seconds to get you to 60mph. Not an amazing figure. But this car isn’t about speed, it’s about feeling like your back home in England. And with Lucas electrics it will probably run exactly the same anywhere in the world. Terribly. So will it be a jalopy from the old country?


Our last car on offer today is a 1964 Ford Fairlane Compact, in itself a rare car in the land down under, but not as rare as the Vanguard. Missing a good part of it’s  jewellery, and it’s nose pointing skyward due to lack of an engine, it is going to take some hunting in wrecking yards to get the bits you need to make it whole again. Everything that is still there is straight though, and an exhaust system is thrown in, although to suit what engine arrangement it is unclear. If you have the time, the patience, the phone number for numerous wrecking yards, then this is your ride my friend.


So what will it be, the big brown Holden, the baby blue Falcon, the black Brit or the Yank Tank?

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