From the back paddock – 1979 Road Commander

It would be hard to imagine parking a modern day truck in a paddock for a few years, then being able to put it to work without too much effort. However when it comes to older trucks, this is not an uncommon occurrence, with trucks being able to bo pressed back into service after years of sitting around idle. This feature truck is one of these trucks that has been resurrected, and although a rarity on today’s roads, it still commands quite a presence.


Jeremy, the owner of this White COE, tells me he rescued it after it spend ten years languishing in a field. The strength of these older trucks is so that it was put to work on the tube tyres that had been fitted before being parked up. These have since been swapped out for tubeless tyres, for convenience’ sake. Running a VT903, with the power running through a 15 gearbox, the truck is not afraid to clock up the miles. To keep the front panels safe on all the miles it does, a bullbar has been fitted as well.


Since getting the truck back on the road, the owner has been working away on getting the truck up to the standard he wants. The passenger’s door has had some metal cancer rectified, with sheet metal plates being used to make the door more solid, the driver’s side to be receiving the same treatment sometime in the near future. A different driver’s seat has been fitted for comfort’s sake, replacing the seat the White left the factory with. One major upgrade this COE has received is an airconditioning system, modified from a unit out of a caravan.


Inside, the trim is incredibly neat, with these older trucks having the ability to cop alot of sun on their trim and not show it.  Jeremy is lucky to have found such a vehicle, and he knows it too, describing the Road Commander as reliable. Being able to work it so easily after ten years in a paddock, I feel I have to agree with him on that.


I would like to thank Jeremy for taking the time out to talk to me and let me take pictures.

For more on Historic Commercial Vehicles head to the HCVC Forum, it’s where you’ll find alot more trucks like this:


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